Asian Fashion VS Western Fashion

May 07, 2016


As far as fashion is concerned, there are a lot of varying forms of clothing styles that were inspired by the preferences of people in terms of their clothing. You may find some women who want their dresses to have more laces, ruffles or extravagant princess-like designs. However, others simply choose to have clothes with simpler and rustic styles. On the other hand, because of the variance in the preferences of people, there were some individuals who combined various styles in order to come up with new looks.

The world comes with different continents wherein people from the west part of the world wear clothes that are too different from the clothes worn by people in Asia. Can you tell the difference between the Asian and the Western fashion? Let’s compare the two.

Western Fashion

In the Western part of the world, people who live like in Europe have fashion choices that are fairly more limited and that is because of the presence of those big companies that dominate the market. Unique clothing styles turned out to be a niche inside of the fashion world. Many people from Europe are avid followers of the fashion magazines and they have a dominant color for their clothes depending on the season.

It became a habit of people in the West to wear clothes with colors that fit the season. You will notice it if you will walk on the street particularly in the city of London. Their clothes can be in just one color but it can be in different shades of that color. Western people are known to be fashion conscience persons and they really paid so much attention to the color of the season. In the city of London, people like to wear something with an eye towards comfort, yet they are keeping their look coordinated and neat as well. They are more eager to follow the trends.

Asian Fashion

On the other hand, in the Asian fashion, the choices for clothing vary and the trends differ heavily depending on the decisions of every person. You will find those people who do follow the clothing trends of the West, while there are a lot of Asian people who keep on following the clothing styles which are simply niche-trends in the North American and European countries.

Clothing companies in Asia can manufacture clothes sold at cheaper prices so their variance of clothes styles was able to expand significantly and that is because of the absence of the huge companies that dominate the market. It resulted to the rise of those clothing styles which are believed to be lurid in the Western cultures. The cost of making intricate clothing resulted to the decline in this kind of fashion in the Western culture. On the contrary, the Western culture is mainly more interested in comfort instead of fashion.

So this is how the Asian fashion differs from that of the Western culture. It’s now the right time for you to judge. Which of these two you think is the best – is it the Asian or the Western fashion? In terms of clothing choices, the winner is definitely the Asian fashion. But, if you are more concerned on comfort then it’s the Western fashion.

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